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The Take Five Multisensory Programme - Activities to develop early literacy skills

- is a colourful teachers handbook for multisensory learning in the early years.
It features an innovative early intervention programme designed to develop automaticity and build confidence in children with early literacy difficulties, including dyslexia, who would benefit from a structured approach to early phonics.

Exploring ideas for creating a multisensory learning environment in the early years

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The Take Five Multisensory Programme provides...

• A structured small step approach to early phonics
• Ideas for creating a multisensory environment
• Support for children ‘at risk’ of specific literacy difficulties (dyslexia)
• Ideas for involving parents
• Extension activities

The Handbook is a colour coded and attractively illustrated with photographic examples of the activities and ideas. It focuses on phonological and spatial awareness, fine motor skills and working memory and utilises everyday objects and readily available materials. The key elements are activity, fun and practice for automaticity. If you need a new focus on phonics try Take Five.

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Review of the Take Five Multisensory Programme

"The Take Five programme successfully combines the knowledge and experience of its author as a primary teacher with a conviction of how crucial it is to identify and support struggling learners from the outset. It incorporates the well established principles of a multi-sensory, active, step by step approach with as much opportunity for practice as the individual learner needs. The programme offers these young children opportunities to develop their early literacy, physical and ‘readiness to learn’ skills in a fun way with their peers. At the same time, demands on classroom organisation are minimal. Its colour coding system makes it simple to use; easily stored materials and everyday tools make up the equipment; engaging activities can be set in class themes. Extension activities have been included which gently move the children towards early literacy. The underpinning research and feedback from teachers clearly show the programme succeeds in its aims of addressing the needs of the ‘at risk’ child in the Foundation Stage. Take Five has long been awaited. "

Judy Capener,
Experienced assessor and teacher, teacher trainer and consultant in SpLD

About Take Five

Take Five Multisensory Learning
is a new publishing company specialising in promoting good practice materials and support strategies for young people with specific learning difficulties (dyslexia).


The Author

Debbie Avington

Debbie is an experienced teacher of 25 years and was more recently a teacher trainer, LA advisor and consultant. She has been programme leader and tutor for postgraduate courses in Specific Learning Difficulties, provided a range of training initiatives in Additional Learning Needs and has been a guest speaker for NASEN, PATOSS, British Dyslexia Association and other professional organisations, delivering presentations on Dyslexia Friendly Schools and Early Intervention across the UK. She was a member of the BDA Accreditation Board for 10 years and is currently involved in writing and producing materials to support dyslexia friendly practice in the early years.



If you would like a presentation with ideas for multisensory activities and/or some support in setting up a Take Five project,
in your school or early years setting -


e: debbie@takefivemsl.co.uk


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